Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes made of a special PBT material that come in different thicknesses, lengths, and curls. They are attached either a single lash to one natural lash or several thinner ones are attached to one natural lash to give a volume effect.

Are Mink lashes made of real fur?

There is a huge misconception and lack of education when it comes to “Mink” lash extensions. The majority of lash extensions are in fact made of PBT materials, rendering them synthetic. However, real mink fur lashes do exist, which are usually fur from the mink’s tail and formed into eyelash extensions. This is not an ideal material for lash extensions. Not only is it a cruelty factor, but many individuals are allergic to animal fur. Also, real mink would not hold up the elements that we encounter on a daily basis; such as water, heat, and brushing or combing. Like with natural hair, when exposed to these elements the real fur mink extensions will lose their curl and break off. Plus, who really wants to spend more money on having a fur applied to their lashes? At Bolde Beauty, we are animal-friendly and refuse to use real mink lash extensions and products tested on animals.

What is the difference between silk and mink lashes?

As previously mentioned, the majority of lashes extensions are made of Korean PBT, a special material formulated that allows for safe and practical use of lash extensions on the natural lashes. Synthetic Silk and Synthetic Mink (aka. Silk and Mink, NOT real fur) are essentially made of the same materials, with the only varying factors to be that Synthetic Silk is usually more glossy than Synthetic Mink. However, they both give the same beautiful finish when expertly applied by professionally trained lash artists. Many brands of lash extensions vary in thickness, lengths, curls, and even sheen. One brand of synthetic silk or synthetic mink can be considered the same curl length and thickness, however, when compared side by side, one brand may be curlier in comparison to the other. Many of these characteristics vary from brand to brand.

What type of lashes does Bolde Beauty use?

Bolde Beauty uses only synthetic silk and synthetic mink lashes. We have been experimenting with many different brands from across the globe to find one that delivers the most beautiful results for our clients. The verdict comes down to one brand of silk lashes that we love, however it doesn’t come in a certain curl we love to use, so for this particular curl we use a synthetic mink lash. In some cases, both can be mixed and used on one set. So it doesn’t matter if they are mink or silk, but more so on how they are applied. Many customers get hung up on “Silk” or “Mink”, which is really a personal preference to the lash artist and a form of marketing. One is not superior over the other, but rather the brand that really makes the quality of lashes. Bolde Beauty uses high-quality brands that deliver the best results.

What is the difference between classic and volume lashes?

Classic eyelash extensions have been around the longest and most common in salons. This is the application of one lash extension to one natural lash. It creates more length than volume, so someone with sparse lashes can only have so many lashes applied and the result may not be as full. A person with many natural lashes can achieve a full look since they have many lashes that extensions can be applied to. Therefore, eyelash extensions vary from person to person and natural lashes must be taken into account

Volume eyelash extensions are much thinner and finer than classic lash extensions and therefore are skillfully picked up with tweezers to create fans that can be anywhere from 2 to 18 lashes. This is called 2D for a fan with two lashes, 3D for a fan with 3 lashes and so on. The majority of volume lash sets are anywhere from 2D to 6D.

Do eyelash extensions damage natural lashes?

When properly applied and lash extension weight is appropriate for the natural lashes, then they do not damage natural lashes. Also, when volume fans are not premade, they are much safer for your lashes than pre-made fans. Pre-made volume fans are eyelash extensions that are pre-made into a fan and dipped in adhesive and sold in that form. These can be more damaging for natural lashes as they are adhered together adding to the weight of the lashes and then when they are applied they need to be dipped in adhesive again to adhere to the lashes. This means that fan has been dipped in adhesive twice, therefore the weight, minuscule to the naked eye can be actually damaging for our fragile natural lashes.

It is always advised that as a client you educate yourself and find out if the volume lashes applied are premade fans or if your technician skillfully makes her own fans during the appointment.

At Bolde Beauty, we pride ourselves in our skill and have taken extensive training, as well as continued education in lash extensions application. We have attended numerous conferences to keep us up to date in the lash industry to always provide the best service with the best product for our clients.

Do I need to take a break from lash extensions?

When applied properly, absolutely not. With correct application and correct lash extension weights, lash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. It is only when too much weight and incorrect application, such as several natural lashes are stuck together due to too much adhesive or improper isolation that natural lashes can get damaged and in the long run cause your natural lashes to become weak. It is always best to choose a qualified lash specialist who makes your natural lash health a priority. Bolde Beauty prides itself on maintaining healthy natural lashes.